3 Ways to Support Small Business (without Shopping)

With holiday ads starting to pop up on TV and in your email, you probably realize businesses are gearing up for their busiest time of year. That goes for artists and craft vendors too! Even if you aren’t ready to start your shopping, you can have a huge impact on an artist’s sales season. Here’s how:

On Facebook

Share posts! Liking and commenting are great ways to engage and give helpful feedback, but for a small business, nothing is better than introducing new people to their products. When you share a post, it lands in front of your FB friends and gives the business free marketing.

On Instagram

Offer to feature a product. With even a few hundred followers on IG, you may be able to offer valuable exposure. If there’s a small brand you love, it doesn’t hurt to ask if they’d send you a complimentary product in exchange for a feature on your feed.

On Etsy

Hit “favorite” on shops and items you love. It’s more valuable than you realize! As shops gain this kind of positive feedback, they’ll rank higher in searches, which puts their products in front of more potential customers.

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