Beginning a Career: How I Became a Glassblower


My first experience with glassblowing was in the 1700s - or rather, in a recreated 18th century village.  It was Liberty Village in Flemington, NJ, a living museum complete with pottery, black smith, gun smith, village tavern and “glass house.”  The year was really 1978.

Fresh out of school and dressed in 18th century costume, I explained the workings of a historic glass house to school groups and the general public.  I served as the building’s representative to the “village militia” for our patrons’ enjoyment.  But most importantly, I mixed the raw materials of glass by hand with a garden hoe and helped the glassblowers however I could.  I had a lot of fun at Liberty Village, and as I watched the glassblowers work, I fell in love with the craft.

Since those days in the glass house, I’ve had a career in scientific glass, and I’ve built a business in glass decor.  I realize, with immense gratitude, the good fortune I’ve had to find a career where hard work often feels like fun.  I’m truly grateful for your interest, and I hope you’ll find some inspiration here.

PersonalJim Byrnes