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About James

James, the artist behind James F. Byrnes Blown Glass, has been crafting heirloom ornaments in his Pennsylvania studio for nearly twenty years.

James prefers to use the simplest tools possible, focusing his efforts on true mastery of skill, rather than following along with the latest trends. The result? Each ornament features a timeless sparkle and integrity that, with proper care, will grace its home for generations.

Every year, we offer a curated selection of designs for wholesalers. As a one-man production studio, inventory may be limited, so don't hesitate to schedule an order of your favorites!

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About Gwen

Gwen writes the words here on the site and over on Facebook and Etsy. The youngest of the three Byrnes kids, her very first “job” was tagging products in the shop as a teen. Nowadays she’s grown and married, and operating the Etsy shop from her sunroom!